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Dr.Tomas Molina

Welcome to the Dental Clinic of Dr. Tomas Molina

We know that a dental clinic confidence is tied to a name and a surname, behind there is a professional who cares about the health of their patients. Founded in 1990, Dr. Thomas Molina has more than 25 years of experience as a referee dentist, keeping the zeal to pass on all his knowledge and experience to patients and conduct the full course of the treatment and especially the control over time.

Our services

These are all the services that we offer you in our dental clinic in Tenerife.

With all kind of surgeries and customized solutions for each of our patients who wish to return to a mouth both able OPERATION, ent and aesthetics are given.
Our orthodontic is responsible for the alignment of the teeth and thus avoid all the problems that can result. Do you think you need to align your teeth for aesthetic or problem? Let yourself advice by our highly qualified team.
Thanks to our service endodontics, have the option to save the tooth, first with disinfection of the affected area and later with the filling of the root canal, and the inflammation will disappear around the root.
Implantology service of our dental clinic specializes in the diagnosis, placement and maintenance of dental implants. Our team will surprise you for the excellent job in taking the necessary steps to achieve excellent results in functionality and aesthetic decisions.
Avoid having to lose a tooth with our preventive treatments. Our service periodontics focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the gums.
Dental Aesthetics
The smile of our patients along with their oral health is most important to us. Our cosmetic dentistry focuses on correcting the flaws you may have your mouth. How much do you care about your smile?